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A contract of carriage of goods is a legal document that states that a physical person – a carrier, in this case – agrees, in return for payment, to move goods given to them by another physical person – called the sender – from one place to another using suitable means of transport. To be valid, a contract of carriage of goods must include a few basic and formal characteristics.

The Important Points of the Contract of Carriage of Goods

  • A brief description of the service expected by the contracting party and promised by the carrier
  • The amount due to the carrier by the sender for the service rendered, as well as the terms of payment
  • The sender’s references – that is, their first and last name (those of the manager of the company), and the address of the company’s head office
  • The carrier’s references – that is, the name of the company and the address of their head office
  • The place where the goods are taken over by the carrier
  • The carrier’s place of departure, which may be the same as the place where the goods are taken over, but which must still be indicated
  • The arrival point or final destination of the goods, with the exact detailed address
  • The references of the recipient of the goods – that is, their name and exact address
  • The planned date and time of arrival of the carrier with the goods, as well as the address of the specific drop-off location of the goods
  • The nature and value of the goods, so that the carrier can make their arrangements and take their precautions regarding the type of means of transport (truck, airplane, ship, or train) and packaging, but also the type of loading of the goods
  • The total weight of the goods, so that the carrier can adjust their speed and driving, piloting, or navigation
  • The date and place of issue of the contract of carriage, to clarify that all parties have been informed of the conditions prior to the departure date of the goods
  • The inventory and details about the condition of the goods received by the carrier at the place of departure, in order to be able to detail any possible damage present prior to the departure of the carrier
  • The obligation on the part of the carrier to make a comprehensive inventory of the condition and number of goods received by the recipient at the arrival point so as to ensure that nothing has been damaged during the journey
  • Customs and legal security information based on the type of merchandise, the final destination, and the route taken by the carrier, so that they are informed and can anticipate the possible complications of transport
  • The legal terms and conditions in case of incidents during transport or in case of payment for the service that does not correspond to the fixed price
  • The approval and signature of both parties to close the contract

All these different points of a contract of carriage of goods are very important, because they make it possible to identify the item that will be moved, its sender, its carrier, its recipient, and the means by which this transport is carried out. They also indicate the legal obligations of all parties to the contract.


To alleviate your procedures concerning the transport of goods, you can rely on a company specializing in logistics consulting and transportation, so that they can take charge of drawing up the contract of carriage as well as the steps involved in sending and shipping the merchandise. This service lets you ensure that nothing has been overlooked in the contract of carriage, that the carrier has a good understanding of the conditions, and that they will respect the terms of the contract.