TransGlobe Logistiques est un consultant en transport logistique qui agit comme intermédiaire entre les clients à la recherche de solutions logistiques et ses partenaires, en mesure d’offrir les meilleures propositions.

Logistics consultants to find the freight forwarder that's right for you

Logistics performance has a significant impact on the success of today’s companies: optimized freight transport can make a considerable difference in this highly competitive market.

The development of international trade has created increased needs in forwarding logistics. As a result, Canadian companies need to make the best choice of partners, regardless of which mode of transportation they require.


International transport logistics consulting

The increasing complexity of supply chains and the proliferation of international freight measures have contributed to the increased demand for logistics management.

Our mission is to support companies in developing their transportation strategy and obtain the best return on their investment.

By facilitating relationships between suppliers and transport companies, we offer our customers customized national and international transportation services tailored to the size of their business.


The logistics consultant: your ally of choice for optimizing the transport of your goods

Our role is to be the trusted intermediary between our customers and international freight forwarders.

We look for the best logistics solutions through our network of partners and seek out optimal proposals to meet the specific needs of freight transport.

By offering our customers “turnkey” solutions, we give them peace of mind by ensuring compliance with regulations and deadlines, regardless of the mode of transport: rail, road, air or sea.


Our added value: the reliability of our forwarding partners

Our transport solutions are adapted according to the nature of the merchandise and we ensure the reliability of our partners by selecting them based on a high set of standards.

Our performance criteria analyses and client satisfaction studies enable us to present competitive service offers for all our customers’ logistics needs.


The benefits of doing business with our transportation and warehousing partners

With 16 years of experience in transportation logistics, we continue to meet the expectations of our partners and customers, and have succeeded in developing a network of exceptional quality.

Collaborating with trusted freight forwarders who are able to solve any logistical problem is a value worth adding. 

As a consulting firm, we provide our customers with a network of carefully selected partners.

The methods used in transporting goods vary according to several criteria, including the destination and the nature of such goods. With you, we will choose the ideal transport solution to meet your needs.


National freight transportation solutions

For the transportation of goods nationally, we favour road and rail routes.

A historic transportation solution in Canada’s economic development, the train continues to be a preferred mode of transportation today. 

Affordable and fast, Canada’s railway transports millions of tons of freight annually on its 45,000 km of track.


Road freight transport: number one in Canada

With nearly one million medium and heavy-duty vehicles registered in Canada, road transport is still the number one transportation solution in the country.

Over the years, we have selected the best transportation organizations in North America that provide a wide range of freight transportation solutions: Dry vans, flatbeds, step decks, lowbeds, reefers, tank trailers, container chassis, etc. 



Import and export of goods

The field of import-export deals with the transport of goods over long distances.

It is essential to have reliable partners specialized in imports and exports, to monitor goods, meet deadlines and transport standards, and practice customs formalities. 


Total logistics support, from departure to arrival

Our freight forwarders take care of transportation from A to Z. We always check the quality and pertinence of services before, during and after transport.

We handle negotiations with transport providers to guarantee you an optimized logistical solution at a competitive rate.


Logistics warehousing

Around the world, we offer convenient warehousing solutions that are strategically located in the majority of cities subject to international trade.

Selected with care, our partners are able to store different types of goods, fresh or non-perishable.


Control and compliance with storage standards

Whether it be to adhere to the cold chain protocol or customs formalities, the logistics involved in goods warehousing require an in-depth knowledge of international trade regulation.

That’s why our partners and we share the same requirements in terms of control and compliance.

We have developed an international network of warehousing solutions to offer our customers solutions that are tailored to the nature of their business. These partnerships also allow us to negotiate favourable storage rates for our customers.