TransGlobe Logistiques est un consultant en transport logistique qui agit comme intermédiaire entre les clients à la recherche de solutions logistiques et ses partenaires, en mesure d’offrir les meilleures propositions.

Commercial warehousing for all types of goods

Business storage requirements are constantly changing as their production of goods increases.

Industrial storage services can accommodate large quantities of goods for various lengths of time.


A network of reliable partners for your commercial storage needs

This is why we have developed a rigorously selected network of partners equipped with many years of experience in storage services.

We select convenient locations and strategic storage sites in Canada and around the world. We offer customized storage solutions tailored to the nature of each business.

To do this, our network includes warehouses that are equipped to meet the multiple requirements inherent in storage logistics.

Whether it be for short-term or long-term storage, our partners give us access to all types of warehouses:

  • Refrigerated warehouses,
  • Warehouses with high shelving,
  • Distribution warehouses for air freight,
  • Large capacity warehouses,
  • Etc.


Refrigerated warehouses for perishable goods

Companies who must adhere to cold chain protocol understand the constraints and challenges involved in the transport of their goods: rigour and meeting firm deadlines.

Whether for freezing or refrigeration, all cold storage solutions that we offer adhere strictly to food preservation standards. 

We will evaluate the best route and optimal warehousing solution for your products, as well as refer you to specialists in the appropriate area of expertise.

We only deal with established partners with whom we share the same standards of excellence and whose cold stores are checked regularly.


Storage of non-perishable goods

The storage of non-perishable goods over short or long periods of time requires know-how and knowledge.

Whatever the type of goods, trusting a transport logistics consulting company will grant you access to a large network of certified partners who offer attractive rates.

At TransGlobe Logistiques, finding the right storage solution for your goods in transit means ensuring the safety of your inventory and obtaining the services of a qualified team every step of the way.


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