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Refrigerated storage for perishable foods and pharmaceuticals

Food transport logistics chains, especially for perishable goods, require strict organization.

The consequences of a malfunction or delay during the delivery of this type of goods are not the same as they would be for non-perishable products.

In some cases, considerable losses may be involved if there is a break in the cold chain. That is why respect for the continuity of transport and the preservation of food standards must be a top priority.

Optimization of transportation and storage conditions can improve the overall efficiency of this process. That’s why we select our suppliers and carriers with the utmost care.


Refrigerated food: a commodity subject to numerous regulations

The cold storage sector plays a role in various markets:

  • Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals,
  • Perishable foods such as seafood, meat products, dairy products, etc.

A series of measures must be put in place to prevent the growth and multiplication of bacteria. This is called respecting the cold chain.

In other words, a product that has been frozen or refrigerated must remain so. If a change in the products’ temperature causes a thaw, bacteria can settle and make the food unfit for consumption.

That is why it’s important to have permanent control over these goods and an overall supervision of transportation and storage.


A strategic network of cold stores around the world

International food transport requires extensive logistics. For this, we have selected trusted partners around the world. We have cold stores at strategic locations to facilitate unloading near major highways.

The purpose of a transport logistics study is to find the most efficient mode of transport to reduce delivery times and prevent breaks in the cold chain.

We share with our partners in storage a permanent concern for safety and an utmost respect for cold chain storage standards. Whether it be by the use of continuous temperature monitoring, certifications or frequent checks, every effort is made to ensure proper storage of foodstuffs.

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