TransGlobe Logistiques est un consultant en transport logistique qui agit comme intermédiaire entre les clients à la recherche de solutions logistiques et ses partenaires, en mesure d’offrir les meilleures propositions.

Warehousing for non-perishable goods

Trading locally, nationally or internationally involves moving goods and storing them.

Whether it be for a short or long period of time, it is necessary to determine efficient storage solutions.

We have partner networks with strategically located warehouses across the country and in international trade centers.

To stay competitive, a company must be able to meet its storage needs (planned or unplanned) anywhere from Canada to the other side of the world.


Custom inventory storage solutions

Commercial storage requirements for non-perishable materials vary widely in terms of volume, value, storage conditions and duration.

That’s why we offer customized storage solutions to meet the specific needs of each type of merchandise.

We have an extensive network of partners located in strategic locations near train stations and major highways in North America.

These warehouses offer a varied range of services:

  • Large capacity,
  • Air freight,
  • High racking,
  • Security,
  • Loading stations for containers.

Warehousing is an important part of transportation inventory and logistics management. In dealing with a logistics advisor at TransGlobe Logistiques, you benefit from a selection of qualified partners and negotiated storage rates.


A vast international storage network

Our warehousing solutions are not limited to Canada: we have partnerships with certified warehouse companies around the world to ensure the best storage solutions for our customers. 

International freight transport often requires quick warehousing solutions to speed up the customs clearance process and inventory management.

On an international scale, warehousing can be complex and requires extensive transportation logistics. It is highly recommended to deal with certified partners to ensure the best storage conditions for your goods.


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