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International export of goods from Canada

Exporting products from Canada is a process governed by many rules regarding the origin of the goods, international agreements, regulations in the country of destination, customs declarations, and so on. These parameters determine the solutions put in place for the export of merchandise.


Doing business with a freight forwarder to manage your exports

Many companies rely on forwarding consultants to improve their profit margins on the products they export. They thus limit the risk factors and improve the efficiency of their export process. 

TransGlobe Logistiques coordinates all actors in the export chain to find the best rates and ideal solutions to meet export regulations and requirements. 


Export of goods by shipping container

At this point in international trade globalization, it is difficult to imagine the transport of goods without sea freight. It is the most common mode of goods transportation with more than 10 billion tons of products transported each year.

Ocean cargo traffic has never been so active. Tens of thousands of commercial vessels are in circulation on the seas.

In recent years, the steady increase in the holding capacity of ships has made it possible to transport more and more goods with less crew. This increasing loading rate results in favourable tariffs for product exportation.

The low cost of transport is not the only advantage of sea freight: low CO2 emissions, the safety of the merchandise and decreased probability of accidents in transit are also worth considering.  

The only disadvantage of shipping is its limited speed: it is the slowest mode of transport.


Export of goods by air

The preferred method for urgent deliveries and high value-added goods is air transportation.  Although it represents only a small percentage of global transportation, it is nonetheless developed in Canada. The country is the second largest provider of air navigation services in the world.

This mode of transport may be particularly recommended for temperature-sensitive products, such as certain pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.

Logistics advisors always study the nature and value of the product before recommending this more expensive mode of transportation.

While the first advantage of air freight is speed, it also has other benefits:

  • Reduced storage costs,
  • Lower insurance costs,
  • Better inventory control.

Air transportation in Canada is a well-developed sector and this mode of transport can be optimal for certain products. Our partners ensure that the Canadian export of goods by air is done with strict respect for deadlines and security.