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International export by air freight

Air transport is the preferred mode of shipment for urgent deliveries or products with a high added value.

It is a more expensive form of transportation that, in return, best accommodates goods requiring short delivery times for certain industries who trade internationally.

Increases in the production of perishable products, pharmaceuticals and electronic components are creating an increased demand for air freight transportation.


The airplane, a popular mode of freight transportation in Canada

Transport Canada owns 23 national airports and 18 regional airports. 

Canadian exporters have no choice but to consider this mode of transportation, given the country’s geographic location. 

Apart from maritime transport, it is the only mode of cross-Atlantic  transport of merchandise.

If maritime transport covers 90% of international freight transport, air transport is best suited for a particular niche of goods.

Inland freight transport is also boosting the demand of air freight in Canada: dispersed populations, particularly in the north of the country, have no option but to move their goods by air.

This choice entails a degree of organization that often requires the involvement of transport logistics consulting companies in order to optimize the profitability of such transports.


Air transport: ideal for urgent exports

Air cargo shipping is the ideal solution for all urgent transport of goods. As consultants, we assess whether air cargo is a transit option that suits the needs of your business.

Speed ​​is not the only advantage air carrier services. This form of transport also reduces storage costs, inventory management and ensures the optimal safety and security of the transported products.

Air freight is a mode of transport that must not be dismissed systematically because of its cost: in certain situations, it is the appropriate logistical response.

Overall, it all depends on:

  • The nature of the goods,
  • Delays,
  • International regulations,
  • Customs clearance
  • Etc.

These are complex parameters that are familiar to logistics transport consultants whose primary mission is to optimize the transport logistics chain.


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