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International export by shipping container

For long distance shipment, our plans often include container shipping.

Safe, reliable and with a large cargo capacity, ocean freight services today dominate the international freight market.


Sea freight, the world’s leading mode of transport for goods

Ocean freight is the most widely used form of goods transport in the world. It accounts for 80% of the volume and 70% of the value of the world’s merchandise alone.

It is a preferred solution for the export of large volumes of goods. 

The combination of many factors have made it the most competitive sector of transportation.

The sheer size of cargo ships today makes it possible to transport large quantities of merchandise with reduced crews.


Advantages of an ocean freight service

Shipping by sea container is a solution we often offer customers who want to ship large volumes of goods at a lower cost. This mode of transport is not the fastest, but it is affordable and reliable.

Transhipment allows for goods to remain in containers during the transition between two modes of transport. Every day, at the Port of Montreal alone, more than 2,000 containers are transhipped.

Whether it be for transportation or unloading, opting for maritime is your safest bet.

With its port infrastructure and access to the Atlantic Ocean and Great Lakes, Canada occupies a prominent place in world shipping.


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