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Import from Africa, a continent rich in raw materials

Africa is an important player in international trade.

It is a continent in full swing: the speed of its economic growth now exceeds that of China and India. It is a major exporter of raw materials and agricultural products such as oil, ore, gas, wood, etc.


The formalities of importing from Africa

Many goods are imported each year from Africa, especially by sea. Transport is only one step in the import process, as it then must be ensured that the goods are accepted into the country. It is essential to respect current regulations and to be familiar with customs formalities.

Many companies refer to a transport logistics consultant.


Maritime transportation: the Canada-Africa import method of choice

With 26,000 km of coastline, the African continent has developed a network of ports capable of shipping tons of goods from the other side of the Atlantic every day. Sea freight is a favoured transport method for imports from Africa for two reasons:

  • The nature of the goods (raw materials in bulk)
  • Its geographic location

From start to finish, transportation logistics companies ensure Canadian companies with strict monitoring of the delivery and tracking of their goods.Through a rigorous selection of freight forwarders and their in-depth knowledge of international regulations, we are able to offer optimized solutions to Canadian companies that want to import products from Africa.


Importing into Canada and customs formalities

The importation of goods from Africa is not limited to simply shipping it elsewhere. Proper reception of such shipments, along with customs formalities must also be ensured.

Regulations on the importation of goods are subject to frequent changes due to various factors, some of which are governed by the Canadian Government:

  • International trade agreements,
  • Commercial and geopolitical tensions,
  • Stock market fluctuations,
  • Preventive measures against epidemics,
  • Etc.

Errors or misconduct can have serious consequences for a company.

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