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Support with importing goods from North and South America to Canada

Imports into Canada from North American countries are facilitated by our commercial free trade agreements. The location of these territories makes it possible to deliver goods by boat and by plane.

If tariff barriers are eliminated between countries, their goods are still subject to regulations. This is especially true for agricultural products, which are subject to even stricter standards than raw materials or non-perishable goods.

Although they are not part of the free trade agreements, South American countries are also major agricultural exporters to Canada.


Importing food from South America

Thousands of tons of food arrive every day by sea or by air. Trade with Central and South American countries allows Canadians to enjoy a wide variety of foods in all seasons.

Importing goods, especially when it comes to foodstuffs, is a transaction subject to many regulations.

Canada has one of the best food safety systems in the world and its government requires importers to impose the same standards on their foreign suppliers. Importers must respond to these 3 key elements:

  • Traceability,
  • Preventive control measures,
  • Obtaining an importer’s license.

It is the importer’s duty to select suppliers that meet the same safety requirements and standards as those required of Canadian producers.


Process of importing into Canada

There are many steps involved in an import process and it is important for the viability of operations to optimize the entire supply chain, from A to Z:

  • Optimization of routing,
  • Customs clearance of imports,
  • Control of goods,
  • Etc.

Transport logistics consultants facilitate import procedures and are careful to only work with licensed carriers.

They allow importers to obtain detailed quotes with no surprises, and help them meet the technical specifications at each stage of goods transport.


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