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Support with goods importation from Asia: food, clothing, furniture...

Internationally, there are multiple transportation processes and regulations that have caused logistical requirements to increase. 

Just after the United States, Asia is one of our biggest trading partners. China is the second largest source country for all commodities in Canada.


What to know before importing products from Asia

With importation, there are many rules and just as many opportunities for error that can have serious consequences for a company.

Any import from Asia must comply with Canadian customs legislation. This involves knowing the law perfectly and staying up to date in order to remain in good standing.

Many factors come into play in international merchandise trade:

  • Commercial or economic tensions,
  • Fluctuations in the exchange rate,
  • Health standards,
  • Etc.

In addition, regulations may vary from one month to another.

It can be difficult to keep up to date without specializing in the international trade of goods.


Call on logistics consultants for your imports

That is why logistics consulting is a worthwhile investment that will prevent mistakes and optimize the process of importing goods from Asia.

To manage the import of merchandise, it is important to deal with attentive specialists for several reasons:

  • Ensuring an efficient mode of transport,
  • Handling Canadian customs regulations,
  • Negotiating the best rates and choosing the most suitable forwarder,
  • Applying for the appropriate licenses,
  • Calculating the overall cost of importation.


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