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Importing goods from Europe

The importation of European products into Canada has been simplified thanks to the various economic agreements between European countries and Canada.

In 20 years, imports from the European Union (EU) increased from 40 to 66 billion dollars CAD. The EU ranks third as an import source to Canada, after the United States and China.


Importing goods from Europe: steps and rules to follow

Despite the recent global economic and trade agreement between the European Commission and Canada, importing goods from European countries still involves a great deal of knowledge of the customs systems and regulations in effect.

There are many steps to follow and just as many opportunities for error if you don’t deal with an import specialist who knows:

  • To check whether the goods are authorized in the importing country and which import permits are necessary;
  • Which is the right shipping method;
  • The best declaration methods that vary according to the mode of transport and value of imported goods;
  • To assign the correct tariff classification number;
  • How to handle customs clearance of the goods;
  • To thoroughly verify all import requirements and documents.


The expertise and knowledge required to import into Canada

Many companies entrust this task to a transportation logistics consultant to ensure they are up to date on the latest laws that have come into effect and are in good standing.

In an economic context where international agreements are constantly evolving, it can be difficult to carry out import procedures for goods without the necessary expertise and knowledge.


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