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Movement of goods by truck

Road freight dominates the transportation sector in Canada as well as that of North American trade.

It plays a decisive role in the market because it is the only means of transport that connects producers, distributors and consumers directly, without changing vehicles.

For the transportation of goods between Canada and the United States, trucking remains the first logistic choice.


Commercial trucking, the dominant means of transportation in North America

Canada has more than 23 million road vehicles. Freight transportation remains the most popular means of commercial trade crossing the US border. 

70% of domestic goods are transported by truck, compared to 30% by rail.

The vast expanse of Canada’s territory makes freight trucking an ideal means for supplying goods to certain remote areas.

Road transportation also plays an important role in the development of interprovincial and international trade.

Canada is well positioned to maximize its use of North America’s well-developed road transport networks.


Logistics service in road transport

We analyze all the data regarding the transport of a specific commodity and we look for the best solution and supply chain to meet your needs.

It is important to always evaluate the nature of the commodity as a dominant factor when choosing a mode of transportation. In fact, road transport is the optimal solution for transporting perishable goods over short or medium distances.

More and more Canadian companies are turning to logistics consultants. They want the best solutions while increasing efficiency in the transport of their products, both nationally and internationally. 

New technologies are enabling logistics consultants to improve the overall efficiency, reliability and safety of road transport.


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