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Transport of goods by train

Rail transportation is a means of transportation that has fostered the economic development of North American countries. This form of transport is ideal for bulk goods.

While the great era of railroads has passed, today, we can benefit from a transcontinental rail infrastructure that was created for the transportation of goods in high volumes.


A mode of choice for domestic deliveries

With more than 45,000 km of track, Canada has a well-developed rail system.

Today, road transport is often the preferred means of goods transportation between provinces or with the United States. The rail service, however, also offers an opportunity for companies to transport goods throughout the country.

It is an ideal logistical solution for the transportation of bulk goods at low unit cost, such as cereals, wood, ore, oil, etc.


Advantages of freight transportation in Canada

The first benefit of using the railway is the cost. It is an inexpensive means of transportation that allows you to transport products safely.

The transport of goods by rail also offers the advantage of routes unaffected by traffic and road accidents, which can cause unforeseen delays in deliveries by truck.

It is also a low-emission option that allows large volumes of goods to be transported over long distances.


Rail and intermodal transport: two inseparable modes of shipping


Rail transport services involve transhipment, meaning that several means of transport are necessary to route the goods.

Since railways do not actually pass in front of each distributor’s warehouse, it is necessary to use road hauliers to complete the delivery and make the connection between the station and the receiver.

In addition, bulk products often have to go through different processes (packaging, customs, processing, etc.) before reaching their final destination.

This is called intermodal transport: combining modes of transportation to increase efficiency in the distribution chain.

Intermodal transportation is a solution we often propose to solve profitability issues of Canadian companies. 

It is a way to benefit from the combined advantages of the two main modes of national goods transport (road and rail).

With the increased efficiency of transhipment centers, rail service is a popular solution for the nationwide transport of merchandise.


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