TransGlobe Logistiques est un consultant en transport logistique qui agit comme intermédiaire entre les clients à la recherche de solutions logistiques et ses partenaires, en mesure d’offrir les meilleures propositions.

A logistics consultant is a professional who is competent in analyzing demand, and they provide their know-how to design the optimal method so that their client can meet their needs on all the operations in the supply chain. Relying on a logistics consulting company or consultant for cargo transport therefore offers many advantages.

Who is Concerned by Cargo Transport and Logistics?

In many lines of business – whether it’s the transportation, tourism, moving, or merchandise sales sector – companies, especially due to the globalization of trade, eventually encounter the need to know how to manage transport. For this, it’s best to rely on the know-how of someone who specializes in transport and logistics in order to send or receive raw materials, store them optimally, ship finished products, or manage a large inventory without generating losses. Supply chain management can quickly become a priority for a business, as it has a high potential for competitiveness, effectively making it possible to minimize costs and delivery times for goods.  

The 5 Advantages of Relying On a Logistics Consultant

  • Organizing order preparation: In charge of shipping merchandise to customers, a logistics consultant is responsible for selecting the goods to send, preparing them for receipt by a customer, conditioning them with suitable packaging for their transport, and bringing them to the place of departure.
  • Training the working groups: By driving the preparation of the supply chain for transporting goods in a company, a logistics consultant will have the complete analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the working group in charge of the different missions. They can therefore train the working groups, assist in the restructuring or planning of employees’ working time, and propose a streamlining of the human resources. Depending on their client’s needs, they can also generate greater staff involvement and participation by implementing appropriate solutions.
  • Mastering and optimizing the logistics concerning cargo transport: Thanks to their skills, their mastery of computer tools, and their experience, a logistics consultant can map out the points and sites of the freight distribution network. They can therefore calculate distances and travel times in order to optimize the volume of work, costs, quantities, distances, and suitable means of transport.
  • Respecting health and safety constraints: Because they’re responsible for monitoring cargo transport, a logistics consultant knows how to manage and respect the constraints of securing the loading and unloading of goods and the movement of the carriers, and they can report any anomalies that they’ve noticed to you.
  • Managing the relational side of the cargo transport sector: Whether it’s with the clientele, the suppliers, or the carriers, and whether they’re working alone or in a team, a logistics consultant can manage a company’s internal and external relationships. By mastering English, which is the essential language due to the national and international environment of the cargo transport sector, they can reach everyone and even help a company expand beyond their network.

In short, relying on a professional and competent logistics consultant offers many advantages to several aspects of the supply chain on a tactical, operational, and strategic level. It also lets you grow your business, make it more efficient, and expand it, while keeping control over your practices and expectations.