Logistics management and freight audit services

Procedures :

When a shipper starts to do business with a partner recommended by TransGlobe Logistiques, TransGlobe Logistiques take responsability for drafting of work procedures for all the stages of routing or shipping, which are subsequently approved by all the parties involved to ensure good understanding and quality of service.

Audits :

When a contract begins, TransGlobe Logistiques will ensure that the contract conditions and service standards are respected by performing audits at the loading or unloading sites and even on the invoicing to ensure that there are no errors. Once completed, the audit report is sent to the client and the suppliers so that everyone understands what changes are required to better improve the service.

Incidents reports:

Any deviation from the condition of reception or shipping conditions must be reported to TransGlobe Logistiques either by the client or the service provider. The problem is then investigated and corrective measures are put in place to correct and avoid repetition. A copy of the report is sent to the client and the service provider. Each report is classified by the client and the supplier. This directory is used to measure the service provider’s efficiency and service level.

Representation :

To simplify communications, a representative from TransGlobe Logistiques looks after the meetings in order to properly represent the client or the supplier.

Minutes :

For each meeting with a client or a service provider, TransGlobe Logistiques writes up the agenda and takes the minutes. A copy of the minutes is then distributed to the client and the service provider.

In order to provide a management tool to the client and allow the supplier to pinpoint their level of service, TransGlobe Logistiques provides a monthly or annual report to the client outlining the number of orders given to the supplier and their level of efficiency, in other words, the number of deviations on the total volume. This same report is also provided to the service provider to measure the level at efficiency of the customer to properly give order in giving complete orders well.