Logistics management and freight audit services


With TransGlobe Logistiques, when you begin a collaboration with a partner that we have recommended to you, we draw up working procedures for all the logistics management steps, whether it is a transport or a shipment of goods. Of course, we take the specifics of the goods that you want to transport, your specific needs, and the modes of transport used into account, in order to offer you totally customized, turnkey service.

 To ensure a good understanding and optimal service quality, we submit these procedures to all the parties involved for approval.


At Transglobe Logistiques, at the start of any contract, we ensure the quality of all the services delivered:

  • by conducting audits at the freight pickup and unloading points;
  • by ensuring that there are no billing errors.

Once drafted, we send you the logistics audit report, and we also send a copy to the suppliers, so that everyone can understand the adjustments to be made.

Incident report

Any failure to meet the reception or shipping conditions must be reported to TransGlobe Logistiques by the party that notices it, whether it is a person who works at your company or with the service provider. An investigation is then conducted, and corrective measures are implemented to correct the error and prevent it from happening again. A copy of the report is then sent to you and to the service provider. By indexing each report by client and by supplier, we build a relevant database that allows us to measure the efficiency of the service provider and the quality of their services.


In the interests of simplifying exchanges, a TransGlobe Logistiques representative is responsible for representing the client or the supplier during meetings.


Over the course of each meeting with a client or a service provider, TransGlobe Logistiques draws up the agenda and keeps the minutes. Afterwards, a copy of the minutes is given to you and to the service provider.

In order to offer you a management tool and allow the supplier to evaluate their service level, TransGlobe Logistiques produces a monthly or annual report: this shows the number of orders placed with the supplier and the number of deviations from the total volume, thus providing an indication of their level of efficiency and the quality of the services rendered. This report also lets the service provider measure the client’s ability to place orders effectively.