International shipping companies

Importing or exporting from Canada requires transporting goods over long distances and handling multiple procedures. Canadian companies are also required to optimize their logistics management, whatever modes of transport they use.

To do this, you can choose to have your own international transport and logistics service or work with a versatile and comprehensive partner, such as TransGlobe Logistiques.

This solution lets you take advantage of turnkey service, with a team that manages all the international transport issues, from selecting the carriers to analyzing the transport experience.

Before the goods depart

TransGlobe selects the best carriers according to your specific needs. A requirements specification is established beforehand, taking your specific requests into account, including:

  • the type, volume, weight, value, and characteristics of the goods that you wish to transport (fragility, perishability, etc.);
  • the delivery deadlines to be respected;
  • the prices of the carriers;
  • the additional services that you might need, such as storage;
  • the customs formalities to be carried out;
  • the modes of transport used, especially the use of intermodality.

 Based on these criteria, TransGlobe negotiates the best rates and selects reliable and competitive carriers offering the service best suited to the specific needs of your company.

During transport

A consultant that also works with international forwarders, TransGlobe supervises all the logistical operations related to international transport for you, including:

  • monitoring the actual pickup of the goods at your premises or storage site;
  • handling the customs formalities of the exported goods or the customs clearance of the imported goods, in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards;
  • tracking the shipments, whether one mode of transport is used or several are combined;
  • verifying the actual delivery of the goods.

In a continuous effort to improve service quality, TransGlobe constantly keeps an eye on the transport of your goods, from pickup to delivery.

Once the goods have been transported

After the goods arrive, TransGlobe collects your opinion on the transport experience. Incidents and potential disputes with suppliers are handled, and you are regularly informed about the outcome. A detailed analysis of your transport experience is carried out to identify all the points to be improved: corrective actions are implemented, ensuring the continuous improvement of the logistics and international transport service.